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I debuted my Blog Talk Radio Show again tonight.

The show is all about having your own psychic abilities, and how you can access and use them in your own life.  It was a lot of fun to get back to my radio show!

Here’s a link to the archived show for you. Please join me next Thursday, January 19, 2012, for Part Two of this show.

Your Psychic Abilities Part One, by Kris Cahill on Blog Talk Radio

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Affinity is a spiritual ability

Affinity is a spiritual ability contained within the 4th chakra – an ability every bit as important as the abilities to be safe, feel energy, see clearly, and so on.

Each of your seven main chakras contains information about you and your abilities – survival, emotions, energy, affinity, communication, clairvoyance, knowingness – to name a few of your numerous spiritual abilities. The 4th chakra, also known as the heart chakra, is positioned in the middle of the 7 chakras running up the spine, right at the heart. This chakra is the bridge between the lower 3 body chakras and the upper 3 spirit chakras.

The 4th Chakra rules Affinity and Love – love of others, yourself, your creations. Learning to love each other is what we are working on now as human beings, along with learning to love ourselves. Many other energies work with affinity – forgiveness, gratitude, compassion, joy, peace, enthusiasm, happiness, trust, faith, are a few of these.

Being able to love and have affinity for yourself and others is indeed a spiritual ability.

When you are able to have ownership of your 4th chakra and the abilities contained there, you can feel well about yourself and others. Life has meaning and beauty. There is room for others to also have their 4th chakras working – no competition is necessary. There is no need for invalidation or judgment, and a feeling of self acceptance and acceptance of others makes life more fun, and easier.

Your 4th chakra is also where you work on your self image. This is very important, because how you see yourself is crucial to what you are able to have, create, and become in your life. When you see yourself as well, it’s easier to have wellness. When you see yourself as loveable, you can more effortlessly have and know love. If you see yourself as responsible for healing others and the world, then that is what you’ll create. Your 4th chakra might be running at the energy of pain if you take on the pain of others on a consistent basis, making it difficult for you to have your ability for yourself.

It is by becoming conscious of your own energy that you can start to open up and access your own abilities, for yourself. When you step onto the path of knowing who you are, you begin a beautiful lifelong adventure.

The ‘Sunday Meditation Teleseminar’ is a weekly live guided meditation that I host. Each week’s meditation is 60 minutes long, costs $15.00, and requires no previous meditation experience. You can call in from the comfort of your own home, and be guided through a meditation that is specially designed to help you to become aware of and work with energy.

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