The Creating Abundance Workshop

In 2011, I began a collaboration with a brilliant yoga teacher named Liz McDonald, creator and owner of Brazilian Yoga and Pilates.

Liz and I met when she signed up for my Psychic Meditation Class. She continued to study with me in the other classes I taught last year, and would always tell me that my classes helped her to clear out pain quickly, without moving a muscle. She could validate the healing effect on her body of using the psychic meditation techniques.

Liz also told me that she was coming up with yoga poses to compliment the techniques I was teaching, and that she was practicing this herself. We decided to put our two styles together into classes.

We began with the ‘Healing Your Feminine Energy Workshop’, which was a huge success, not to mention a lot of fun for us. We followed that with the ‘Chakra Series’. Each of these classes combined both of our specialties: my Psychic Meditation techniques and Liz’s yoga-pilates combination.

When you bring your body and spirit together, you create a deep and profound healing that will resonate throughout your whole life. Our classes are for everyone at every level, no previous experience is required.

The workshops we’re planning for 2012 will take place monthly, on Sunday afternoons in Los Angeles. Here is the link to our first upcoming class: ‘The Creating Abundance Workshop’.

If you’re unable to attend these classes in person, I’m also teaching Psychic Meditation by teleseminar, beginning Saturday, January 14. Also, every Sunday I lead a guided meditation, also by teleseminar, the Sunday Meditation Teleseminar.  Plus, I now have Guided Meditation Recordings available for purchase.

Let me know if you have any questions or wish to sign up for this workshop. I look forward to hearing from you, and thank you!

©Kris Cahill

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A gift of meditation and peace

Here’s a gift for you, from me: ‘A Meditation On Becoming Peace’.

Click on the arrow below to listen, and enjoy!

About this meditation: This guided meditation is 20 minutes long, and is designed to help you to find your own vibration of peace from the inside out.

I recorded it this month at the studio of a good friend, Amadaes Baj, whose music you hear on the track. Amadaes also recorded and produced this piece.

Credits: ‘A Meditation On Becoming Peace’ written and performed by Kris Cahill. Music and production ©Amadaes Baj. ©2011 Kris Cahill & Amadaes Baj

‘Blue Light Special’ ©Karas Cahill

©Kris Cahill 2011  ~

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Affinity is a spiritual ability

Affinity is a spiritual ability contained within the 4th chakra – an ability every bit as important as the abilities to be safe, feel energy, see clearly, and so on.

Each of your seven main chakras contains information about you and your abilities – survival, emotions, energy, affinity, communication, clairvoyance, knowingness – to name a few of your numerous spiritual abilities. The 4th chakra, also known as the heart chakra, is positioned in the middle of the 7 chakras running up the spine, right at the heart. This chakra is the bridge between the lower 3 body chakras and the upper 3 spirit chakras.

The 4th Chakra rules Affinity and Love – love of others, yourself, your creations. Learning to love each other is what we are working on now as human beings, along with learning to love ourselves. Many other energies work with affinity – forgiveness, gratitude, compassion, joy, peace, enthusiasm, happiness, trust, faith, are a few of these.

Being able to love and have affinity for yourself and others is indeed a spiritual ability.

When you are able to have ownership of your 4th chakra and the abilities contained there, you can feel well about yourself and others. Life has meaning and beauty. There is room for others to also have their 4th chakras working – no competition is necessary. There is no need for invalidation or judgment, and a feeling of self acceptance and acceptance of others makes life more fun, and easier.

Your 4th chakra is also where you work on your self image. This is very important, because how you see yourself is crucial to what you are able to have, create, and become in your life. When you see yourself as well, it’s easier to have wellness. When you see yourself as loveable, you can more effortlessly have and know love. If you see yourself as responsible for healing others and the world, then that is what you’ll create. Your 4th chakra might be running at the energy of pain if you take on the pain of others on a consistent basis, making it difficult for you to have your ability for yourself.

It is by becoming conscious of your own energy that you can start to open up and access your own abilities, for yourself. When you step onto the path of knowing who you are, you begin a beautiful lifelong adventure.

The ‘Sunday Meditation Teleseminar’ is a weekly live guided meditation that I host. Each week’s meditation is 60 minutes long, costs $15.00, and requires no previous meditation experience. You can call in from the comfort of your own home, and be guided through a meditation that is specially designed to help you to become aware of and work with energy.

Join me this Sunday, October 23 for a very special meditation: “Affinity: the Energy of Love”. Learn more and sign up here.

©Kris Cahill
‘A Heartful of Sky’ ©Bartimaeus

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What can a daily meditation habit do for you?

If you are looking for one good habit to add to your life, try meditating regularly. You’ll benefit in more ways than you might imagine you can from such a simple practice.

A grounded meditation practice will help you to know who you are and where you’re at. If you’ve been running and running, and expect to continue doing so every day, meanwhile fueling yourself on caffeine, stress, guilt, worry, or some other toxic energy, your body and health will suffer. You will lose your precious energy by treating yourself this way. It can be much harder for you to create what it is you want if you don’t have enough energy or space to do so.

You can try something different today. Or tomorrow, or anytime. There is never a bad time to begin to meditate, and every time you do it helps you to do it again. If you practice grounding as part of your meditation, you have a way to release all of those toxic energies you’ve been taking on.

If you think you’re already too busy and don’t have the time to begin doing this, if you just can’t see adding one more thing to your list, consider this. The time you spend meditating will pay off in big ways, and in parts of your life you may not even imagine it doing so.

Meditation can help you to do the following: gain perspective, calm down, sleep better, let go, hear yourself, value your body, have more energy, heal yourself, think more clearly, create your new creations, manifest, let go of pain, enjoy being in the moment, be able to be present, hear music clearly, have more fun.

It also helps you to: come back to your senses, know yourself, give yourself permission to stop constantly doing, trust yourself, feel your feelings, know your own thoughts, ground yourself, communicate with the earth, become aware of your body, find peace within, relax, know what’s truly important to you. You may not be aware of the vast riches to be found within yourself, until you begin looking for them.

Meditation is not perfect, doesn’t need to be practiced perfectly, and you don’t need to be perfect to practice it. All you need to do is begin. Do it on your own, find a teacher, listen to a cd, create your own practice. There is no one right way to meditate. The trick is just to start.

©Kris Cahill  /
Image on Pixdaus

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The Sunday Meditation Teleseminar

Begin your week with a guided meditation.

Enjoy a live, guided meditation from the comfort of your own home. Give yourself time to sit and be, while you are guided through a gentle meditation that will allow you the space to release any energies you’ve been carrying around that you’re ready to let go of.

When: Sunday mornings, 10:00-11:00am pst

Where: Your telephone in your home

Cost: $15.00

Special Offer: $45.00 – Buy 3 Sunday Meditations and get your 4th free! (You can also choose to receive the recordings from the Sunday Meditation with this offer.)

This is a guided meditation, designed to help you to relax and release tension, stress, and other energies you’ve picked up that aren’t you. You’ll also learn a few basic meditation tools, so even if you’ve never meditated before, it will be simple and fun to participate in this meditation.

Each Sunday Meditation will have a theme around which the meditation will focus. Each theme is designed to help you to focus on and become more aware of this particular energy in your life.

Upcoming Sunday Themes:

  • January 8: Welcome to New Beginnings: Create 2012!
  • January 15: Welcome Abundance!
  • January 22: Healing Yourself
  • January 29: Creating With Energy Effortlessly

For more information about the Sunday Meditation Teleseminar Series, call Kris at 213-448-0503 or email

Register for the Sunday Teleseminar on Paypal:

Buy one Sunday Meditation for $15.00.

Buy any 4 Sunday Meditations for $45.00.

When your payment is received, you will be sent an email with instructions for dialing into the teleseminar. No computer is required for this meditation session, it is entirely by telephone.

©Kris Cahill 2012  ~
Image ©Tanakawho

Can’t make it on Sundays, but you’d still like to have a guided meditation? Recordings of the Sunday Meditation are now available for sale! Find them here: Recorded Meditations.

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