The Chakras

Chakras are energy centers contained within you as part of your energy system.

You have seven main chakras lined up along your spine, from the tailbone up to the top of your head. Each of these chakras contains information about your abilities. Each is tied in with various organs and parts of the body as well. You also have chakras in the soles of your feet and the palms of your hands.

When your chakras are healthy and you are able to access the information contained within them, they are in movement, spinning. It is when they are in movement that you can use them. Your chakras open and close, and it’s important to note that you don’t need them wide open in order to access them. Walking around with your chakras open up all the way can feel very uncomfortable and get in your way by making you too wide open to all of the information coming at you. This can result in feeling blocked again as some of that energy sticks to you.

Chakras are important because they are doorways to you, and to your information. When you find yourself stuck or unable to access important abilities, the chakra associated with whatever you’re trying to have for yourself is very likely affected in some way – stuck or blocked, or perhaps someone else’s energy has gotten caught in your ability to have what it is you want.

When you move the energy out of your way that isn’t you is when you’re able to access the information you need to be safe, feel your emotions, have enough energy, love, communicate, see clearly, and know for yourself. By working with your chakras and energy system, you’re able to learn more about yourself and to grow and heal.

Here’s a basic description of each chakra’s location and abilities:

  • 1st Chakra, at the tailbone/base of your spine – Your ability to be safe, stable, and grounded. Your right to be here.
  • 2nd Chakra, below the navel – Clairsentience, the ability to feel energy clearly. Your emotional center.
  • 3rd Chakra, in the solar plexus – Your energy center, and ability to act. Astral/dreams.
  • 4th Chakra, center of chest – Affinity, Love, Self Image. The bridge between body and spirit.
  • 5th Chakra, throat – Communication, Clairaudience, Expression, Inner Voice, Telepathy.
  • 6th Chakra, pineal gland, center of head – Clairvoyance, Vision, Clear Seeing, Non-judgment.
  • 7th Chakra, top of the head – Crown Chakra, Knowingness, Spirit, Mediumship, Your Own Truth.

Upcoming posts on this site will go into more detail on how you can begin to heal and have greater access to your chakras.

If you live in Southern California, you can join my Chakra Workshops, taking place now through December 2011. Click here to learn more about these classes.

©Kris Cahill

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Designated driver for the pain

This was originally published on my other blog, Psychic Everyday.

No, it’s not a new hit country song. It is how a lot of people see themselves, though unconsciously so.

As in, “well, I’m just going to go pick up that pain over there, drive it around, and see if I can find it a good home”. Pain makes things real for many people, it makes their bodies real. Honoring someone else’s pain is seen as the right thing to do, and often people will honor pain for generations by carrying it on. Pain becomes more real than Wellness.

Pain is the gift that keeps on giving.

Some people become responsible for others in a way that doesn’t really do anyone any good. If you are so busy taking on pain and problems for others, you may be seen as having a heart of gold, but what is happening to your own health, your own energy as a result? You actually can become more of a healing to others by healing yourself first.

Sometimes people unconsciously become healers because they have compassion for others who are suffering. It begins when they are very small, with an understanding that mommy or daddy is in pain. A small child will often try to heal others who are in pain, because it’s unsafe and uncomfortable to be around this energy. One person in a household who is unwell and in pain, whether it’s physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, will affect all the rest. Some will match to it, some will try to solve it, while others will escape from it, become unconscious around it because they see no other solution.

You can solve your own pain, if it is yours to begin with. But you can never solve someone else’s pain for them. A healer who can’t solve pain can become invalidated, unless she or he learns that pain cannot be solved. Yet there is a demand to find solutions, to analyze the pain, create better drugs to deal with it, experiment with it, validate it, honor it.You can give healing, say hello to the pain, help the person with whatever he or she is going through. But if you match to their pain and become responsible for it, you will get stuck.

What is the best way to deal with pain? It’s simple, free, safe to do, and can be summed up in three words: Let It Go.

Everything is energy, including the source of any pain anywhere at any time. If you begin to let go of the pain you are handling, to release the pain itself, without needing to analyze it or solve it, you are working on your own healing. Though it is simple, it isn’t necessarily easy. That is where forgiveness comes in. Forgiving and letting go will create more space within yourself to actually heal.

Other’s pain in your space will eventually hurt you if you don’t let it go. You will be affected physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. Your body’s health will suffer. It isn’t a badge of honor to be strong enough to bear the burden for others when you can easily let it go.

This is a daily choice. You can imagine making conscious daily choices about what food is best to eat, and what kind of exercise you need today. Being responsible for the pain of others is kind of like feeding your body and spirit toxic substances. By being more aware of what it is you are absorbing into yourself, and consciously deciding to let it go instead, you change your own energy, you heal yourself. When you begin to do this, others you have been healing will now have permission to do the same for themselves.

©Kris Cahill  /
Photo: ‘Left at Sunset’ ©Blamfoto on Flickr

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Learning to heal yourself is a skill worth developing

It all begins with consciousness – your own.

At a certain age, you learned to choose what you would wear each day, and to dress yourself. You became more self sufficient, not needing anyone else to tell you that you needed shoes and socks on your feet. You even began to have an opinion about your clothing, even if that opinion was a casual one.

When you were old enough, you may have helped your family to prepare food. Being able to feed yourself was seen as a good skill to develop, one that you’d certainly need when you became an adult and moved out on your own. Your opinions about cooking and eating were mostly formed at a young age, based on your family’s habits and beliefs.

Every time you learned something new, developed a new skill, or tried something different, it began somewhere with a ‘what if?’. What if I try something new today? What if I sign up for that writing class? What if I stretch myself outside of my comfort zone? What can I lose by trying to learn something new?

What if you were to decide to learn how to heal yourself?

All healing is self healing. You heal because you want to heal. If you begin to give yourself the permission to do so, you can change what you know about healing. If you ask yourself questions along the lines of “will this be healing for me?” and “how do I heal myself?”, and then listen to the answers, you may be pleasantly surprised to find that you often know what you need to do, in order to be well. Very importantly, your body also know what it needs. If you make a habit of listening to your body, instead of judging it, ignoring it, or being angry at it, you’ll learn what your body needs to be happy and well.

Many people have a picture that they don’t know what makes their own bodies work. They’re not experts, and anyway, that is for highly trained authorities to do for them. They become helpless when something strange happens with their body, meanwhile not listening to their own body’s pleas for better food, more rest, or exercise. They may consult every expert available, except for the most important one – themselves.

Good healers and medical practitioners are wanted, valuable, and necessary. But not one of them can do your work for you. When you become the expert of yourself and your body, you’ll find it easier to seek out the kind of care you really need. If you listen to yourself and your body, you’ll naturally become that expert. Meditation is a valuable self-healing tool that will help you go far in your own healing.

©Kris Cahill
‘Blood Red Lavender’ on Pixdaus

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On becoming a conscious healer

This post was originally published at Psychic Everyday.

All healing is self healing. Someone heals because she or he wants to do so.

This is a good thing to keep in mind if you think that it’s up to you whether others heal or not. It isn’t up to you, it’s up to them. You cannot do another person’s work, because it simply isn’t your job.

Many sensitive and caring people feel guilty if they don’t lend an ear when needed, do for others, even at their own expense, and give until it hurts. They even feel guilty for resenting the drama kings and queens in their lives, reminding themselves that they feel lucky to be able to give so much, and it is up to them to do so.

People like this often attract those in need or constant crisis, or who make huge demands on them and their energy. One could say that someone who is doing this is working unconsciously, as an ‘out of control’ healer.

A few guidelines to help you decide if you’ve been an out of control healer:

  • You need to fix every problem you come across.
  • You have to rescue every hurt soul.
  • You see the pain, and immediately jump into action, here to save and rescue the day.
  • You feel guilty because you are healthier than others, or have more than others do.
  • You seem to collect people in crisis. They flock to your side, spill their tales of woe, and you start mopping up / sponging up, all of that pain.
  • You continue to do this, even when people get angry because you try and try to heal them, but they don’t get healed.
  • Doing this is exhausting you, and your own health is suffering as a result. You are truly feeling the pain.

Many well meaning and compassionate people make the mistake of giving away their healing energy to others. There is giving, and giving away. If you’ve ever given until it, literally, hurts you, you may be an out of control healer. If your validation depends on how many people you’ve rescued, you may be trying to save them for yourself, not them. You are in their space, trying to change what they are experiencing, and they may not want you to do so.

Overreaching your boundaries like this has several effects on your space: your body will suffer, you will have a hard time seeing yourself clearly, and you can create karma with others by not allowing them to do their own work.

None of this is to say that those who care about others and help out when people are in need, are doing anything wrong. If anything, we need more volunteers, more people to help out, to give from the heart, on this planet. There is a more conscious way to do this, a way to give without giving away all of your energy. Because once you give it all away, it’s gone, and that won’t do you or anyone else any good at all.

Another way you could be an unconscious healer is by not having what it is you really want, if others can’t also have it. Guilt, in other words, stops you from living your life to the fullest you are able. You are healing others, even if you don’t know it, by doing this.

If you’ve held back, waiting for others to be ready to take a step, you are healing them, not yourself. Actually, nobody’s going anywhere with all of that ‘stop’ energy. If you decide to be brave enough and step up to the plate in your own game, star in your own life, you may hear more screaming than cheering at first, but persist and you’ll begin to get to where you want to go.

There is another way to be a healer.

We teach others how to treat us, by how we treat ourselves. If you’ve taught others that it’s okay to drag their muddy shoes across your floor, or throw pain and punishment into your space, you can change all of that. You can decide, right now, to begin to heal yourself. As a healer, it is up to you to do so. All healing is self healing, and if you begin with yourself, you teach others they can do it too.

Click here to read more about healing on my blog, Psychic Everyday.

©Kris Cahill
“Rays of Sun” David Gois on Pixdaus

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