The Creating Abundance Workshop

In 2011, I began a collaboration with a brilliant yoga teacher named Liz McDonald, creator and owner of Brazilian Yoga and Pilates.

Liz and I met when she signed up for my Psychic Meditation Class. She continued to study with me in the other classes I taught last year, and would always tell me that my classes helped her to clear out pain quickly, without moving a muscle. She could validate the healing effect on her body of using the psychic meditation techniques.

Liz also told me that she was coming up with yoga poses to compliment the techniques I was teaching, and that she was practicing this herself. We decided to put our two styles together into classes.

We began with the ‘Healing Your Feminine Energy Workshop’, which was a huge success, not to mention a lot of fun for us. We followed that with the ‘Chakra Series’. Each of these classes combined both of our specialties: my Psychic Meditation techniques and Liz’s yoga-pilates combination.

When you bring your body and spirit together, you create a deep and profound healing that will resonate throughout your whole life. Our classes are for everyone at every level, no previous experience is required.

The workshops we’re planning for 2012 will take place monthly, on Sunday afternoons in Los Angeles. Here is the link to our first upcoming class: ‘The Creating Abundance Workshop’.

If you’re unable to attend these classes in person, I’m also teaching Psychic Meditation by teleseminar, beginning Saturday, January 14. Also, every Sunday I lead a guided meditation, also by teleseminar, the Sunday Meditation Teleseminar.  Plus, I now have Guided Meditation Recordings available for purchase.

Let me know if you have any questions or wish to sign up for this workshop. I look forward to hearing from you, and thank you!

©Kris Cahill

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